Woodworking machine

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Woodworking machine is the machine that can process wood. They will help you to make the furniture, process plywood, wood doors, cabinets, kitchen shelves, formwork, make pallets, … and other products made from wood. These machines are usually powered by electric motors and are used extensively in woodworking. Sometimes auxiliary machines are also considered a part of woodworking machinery.

The type of woodworking machine
1. Artisanal and hobby machines
These machines are used both in small-scale commercial production of timber products and by hobbyists. Most of these machines may be used on solid timber and on composite products. Machines can be divided into the bigger stationary machines where the machine remains stationary while the material is moved over the machine, and hand-held power tools, where the tool is moved over the material.

2. Automatic machine or CNC machine
Automatically process wood and produce wood furniture or something like that. Quoc Duy is supplying:

» Woodworking machinery:

Sawing machine
Planer machine
Sanding machine
CNC router machine
Edge banding machine
Drilling machine
Tenon and mortising machine
Shaping machine
Finger joint and clamp carier
Pressing machine
Lathe machine
Dowel making machine…

» Second hand woodworking machine:
The machine was used by other businesses and sold at a cheaper price. When purchasing the machine, we will check and replace the components if necessary. After that, test run the machine and make sure it works stably before delivering to customers.

The price:
Depending on the function of each different model, the price will be corresponding. High or low cost depends on the components and body structure, the origin and functions. To be able to meet most businesses, Quoc Duy has always diversified the range of products from mid-range to high-class to ensure that businesses will have suitable models. Suitable for the economy as well as current needs.

The origin:
Our machine are imported from reputable brands in Taiwan, Italy, Germany, …
Especially, we supply SEMAC woodworking machine. SEMAC is the brand of Quoc Duy engineering and machinery. SEMAC provides high tech woodworking machine, reasonable price and simple design, close to the end user. The production of SEMAC have provide all of Viet Nam and Asia : CNC nesting machine, high frequency wood panel pressing machine, sliding table saw, edge banding machine…


New woodworking machine : 12 months
Second hand woodworking machine : 3-6 months

The leading supplier of wood processing machines in Viet Nam.

Quoc Duy has a professional technical team, experienced real and trained to advanced skills every year. We have been implementing many projects with high technology and constantly trying to satisfy, meet the demand of customers.
The trust and support of customer during the last time is the source of great motivation on the way of development of Quoc Duy. We commitments to continous improvement, serve the customers better to the worthy of that belief.