Wood pallet making machine

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Wood pallet making machine

Pallet making machine means the machines to make wood pallets. According different pallet style, the machines are including Cutting Machine, Chamfering Machine, Notching Machine, Nailing Machine, etc.

Pallets are created with a variety of different materials, including recycled wood, plywood, and plastic.

Wood pallet size:

The standard pallet size is important because global trade has increased during the last 100 years and a standard pallet size can reduce freight cost. Freight cost is reduced when standard pallets are used because less truck space is wasted. Also when standard pallet sizes are used shippers charge less handling fees. Pallet prices for standard prices are also more stable. When your are done with the pallets you can make money with pallet recycling.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has helped the freight and logistics industry by approving 6 standard pallet sizes for international use.

  • The standard size pallet in the United States is a 48 inch by 40 inch pallet commonly referred to as a 48 x 40 pallet.
  • The 48 x 40 wooden pallet is the industry standard.
  • The GMA (Grocery Manufacturer’s Association) standard pallet is also a 48 x40
  • European pallets: (WxLxD)
    • EUR 1: 31.50 x 47.24 x 5.71 inch
    • EUR 2 : 47.24 x 39.37 x 5.67 inch
    • EUR 3 : 39.37 x 47.24 x 5.67 inch
    • EUR 6 : 31.50 x 23.62 x 5.67 inch
  • Australian standard pallets: 45.87 x 45.87 inch

When making the pallet, what kind of machine do you need?

At least you need 5 machines:

  1. Cut off saw pallet – SF 601
  2. Double end trim saw – SF 602
  3. Stringer wood pallet notching – SF 701
  4. Wood pallet sanding machine – SF 801
  5. Automatic stringer wood pallet nailing machine – SF 901

With only 5 machines, you can create the wood pallets. And then, there production into the desired type of wooden pallet.

The types of pallets:

From a distance, pallets might all look the same: stacks and stacks of wooden structures with hollow centres and the occasional brown stain. Up close, you’ll notice that no two pallets are alike.

Wooden pallet
Here are some common types of pallets you might find in a warehouse, or at the back of your local grocery store:

1. Solid Deck Pallet

The surface of solid deck pallets consist of one large sheet of wood with no spaces. This pallet is easy to clean and transport. These pallets are considered aesthetically appealing to many customers. They also make transporting or storing smaller items easy – with other types of pallets, these might slip through the cracks.

2. Double Wing Pallet

This pallet’s design consists of top and bottom deck boards extending beyond the stringers or stringer boards. This design gives the illusion of “wings” along the side of pallets.

3. Double-Face Pallet

Pallets exist in two general styles: single-face and double-face.

Double-face pallets come in two types: reversible and non-reversible. Reversible pallets can be flipped and have items stacked on either side. Non-reversible pallets generally have one surface with more densely packed planks for storing and packing.

Double-face pallets are comprised of decks on both top and bottom surfaces. The bottom deck increases the strength of the pallet, and helps evenly distribute the weight of the load.

4. Stringer Pallets

Two-way stringer pallets:

This pallet gets its name from the stringers—the boards running between the top and bottom deck boards—used to support the pallet’s load. The two-way pallet allows fork entry from only two sides.

Four-way stringer pallets:

This type of pallet is exactly the same as its two-way counterpart, but allows access on four sides. There are two types of four-way stringer pallets:

  • Block design pallets allow four-way entry from both pallet jacks and forklifts.
  • Notched stringer pallets allow four-way entry only with forklifts, and two-way entry with pallet jacks.

5. Block Pallets

These pallets are known for their four-way entry, meaning they can be accessed by forklifts on all four sides. Block pallets are available with or without bottom boards, and can come in a variety of configurations. This design uses both perpendicular and parallel stringers to increase handling efficiency.


  • New woodworking machine : 12 months
  • Second hand woodworking machine : 3-6 months

How much does a wood pallet making machine cost

Depending on the function of each different model, the price will be corresponding. High or low cost depends on the components and body structure, the origin and functions. To be able to meet most businesses, Quoc Duy has always diversified the range of products from mid-range to high-class to ensure that businesses will have suitable models. Suitable for the economy as well as current needs.

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