The development of the furniture market also leads to the development of furniture manufacturers. The expansion of factory premises, investment in machinery is one of the inevitable needs of businesses.

Are you too headache with calculating compressed air flow – vacuuming for the entire factory? Are you spending too much time with the arrangement and placement of the machines? Do not worry with many years of experience in consulting and designing factories Quoc Duy will bring you the best options in the shortest time! What you need to do is to provide us with the workshop space and production requirements, the rest we will give you the best design. You can completely rest assured in your choice !!!


In addition to designing and building factories, Quoc Duy Company also provides construction and assembly services for paint lines for large – small factories. The investment in paint systems for high-end furniture factories & for export is of utmost importance.

High-end furniture & exports always demand near-perfect aesthetics. Therefore, in addition to the outsourcing process, the painting stage determines the success or failure of the product. Today, the investment in the paint line is not too strange, but finding yourself a reputable construction consulting address is not easy.


As a prestigious unit “TOP” in Ho Chi Minh, Quoc Duy company has designed and executed for many large projects. Quoc Duy’s projects are spread not only domestically but also in foreign countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia … With a team of designers and factory builders with over 15 years of experience, Quoc Duy is always the first reputable and reliable choice for timber businesses. We always want our products to bring the best benefits to customers as well as help customers to save maximum investment costs.