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The concepts and advantages of paint line

1. What is a paint line?

– Finishing line consists of modern machinery system consisting of equipment combined to create a complete line. The machines come together to create a production line that works rhythmically together to create a product with a glossy surface, smooth, beautiful in color and high durability whether used indoors or outdoors.

2. Advantages of paint line

– With the combination of paint tower and automatic paint gun, using paint lines helps to create beautiful products, uniform in terms of aesthetics. With this fully automated production line, businesses minimize labor. Not only that, when using the paint line helps you calculate the cost: the cost of hiring workers, saving excess paint thanks to the paint recovery system, ensuring safety for workers to use and importantly does not spend a lot of maintenance costs and maintenance time.

Types of paint lines Quoc Duy supplied

It is known as one of the units specializing in providing “Wood Processing Machine and Supplies Equipment”. But not stopping there, We also provide and advise – install PAINT LINE. With a team of experienced staff, hard at work, carefully trained from the process of designing demo drawings to assembling at the factory. With professional skills, high professional qualifications so far Quoc Duy has successfully installed many hanging paint lines, pallet paint lines, … In units across the country!

Paint lines are used a lot today:

As a pioneer in consulting and installing paint lines. It is a pleasure to have the trust and trust of all businesses.


Paint line in Quoc Duy – We have:

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